from Abrasives to Zip ties.

Hand Tools

An extensive range from leading brands displayed in the store for you to see and feel, tools are personal!
Axes / Mauls Blow lamps Bolt cutters Box spanners Bradawls Pointing tools Buckets Cable cutters Calipers / dividers Chalk lines Chimney brushes Chisels Clamps & Cramps Cold chisels / Bolsters Drain rods Files & Rasps Foam guns Gauges Glass cutters Grease guns Hammers / Mallets Hand drills
Handles / Shafts Hawks Hex keys Knives / Blades Laser measures Magnets Manhole keys Marking gauges Measuring wheels Mitre boxes Mitre saws Multitools Oil pourers & cans Organiser boxes Pencils / Markers Picks Planes / Irons Pliers Plumbing / Pipework Pry bars / Crowbars Punches Rivet guns
Rules Sack trucks Saws Scissors / Shears Scrapers Screw extractors Screwdrivers Scribers Scutch combs Shovels Silicone / Caulk guns Silver steel Sledge hammers Sockets / Socket sets Spades Spanners Spirit levels Squares Staples & guns Stud detectors Suction lifter Tack lifters
Tampers Tapes measures Taps / Dies Tile cutters Tin snips Tool bags Tool belts Tool boxes Torque wrenches Trowels Vices Whetstones Wire brushes Work benches / Trestles

Power Tools

Our power tool range is displayed unboxed and with batteries so you can feel what it will be like to work with.
Air tools Angle grinders Batteries Belt sanders Biscuit jointers Breakers Chargers Circular saws Combi drills Cordless drills Detail sanders Die grinders
Drill drivers Engravers Glue guns Heat guns Impact drivers Impact wrenches Inspection cameras Jigsaws Laser levels Metal cut off saw Mitre saws Mixers
Multitools Nailguns Nibblers Planners Polishers Pumps Radios Reciprocating saws Routers & trimmers Sanders Screwdrivers SDS+ hammers
Soldering irons Spray guns Staplers Strippers Tile saws Torches Vacuum cleaners Wall chasers

Fasteners and Fixings

A lot of jobs need fixings and we have fixings for a lot of jobs.  Sold loose, boxed and bulk so you only buy what you need.
Allthread Allthread connectors Annular ring nails Bolts Brass Carcass screws Chemical / Resin Cladding nails Clout nails Clutch head bzp Coach screws Concrete bolts Concrete screws Corrugated Fasteners Cup hooks Cup square hex Cut clasp nails Decking screws Dome nuts Dowels Drive screws Dry wall screws Escutcheon pins Euro screws Eyebolts Fibre washers Fischer wall plugs Fixing band Frame fixings
Gunnebo fasteners Gutter bolts Hammer fixings Handrail bolts Heavy washers Hex bolts Hex nuts Hex set screws Hinge screws Hook bolts Hooks Hooks Hose clips Inset screw cups Lost head round nails Machine screws Masonry nails Metric / imperial Mirror screws Nylon insert nuts Nylon washers Oval nails Panel pins Plasterboard fixings Protection caps Rawlbolts Rawlplugs Repair / penny washers Rivets
Roofing bolts Roofing nail gunnebo Round wire nails Rubber nuts Screw caps & covers Screw eyes Sealing washers Security 6 lobe Security pin hex Security socket screws Self drill self tappers Self tapping screws Shakeproof washers Shear nuts Shield anchors Sleeve anchors Socket grub screws Socket screws Spring toggles Spring washers Square hooks Square washers Stainless steel Staples Starlok washers Steel Surface screw cups Tacks Tee nuts
Tek screws Thread repair kits Through bolts Thumb screws Timber connectors Tool clips Twinthread woodscrews U bolts U-clips Upholstery pins Veneer/moulding pins Vine eyes Wall plugs Washers Wedge anchors Wedge packers Wing nuts

Adhesives and Sealants

Specialist adhesives for a wide range of jobs.  Fillers and sealants to finish it off.
Activators Adhesive removers Blutack Brummer Building additives Car body filler Caulk Contact & impact adhesive
Dry wall adhesives Epoxy Expanding foam Fire cement Flooring General purpose filler Glues Grout
Gun adhesives Hardener Mastics Polyurethane  glue Putty Pva Silicone sealant Spray adhesive
Super glue Thread lock Tile adhesive Wallpaper paste Water seal Wood filler Worktop filler


All kinds of useful materials, fittings and finishes and everything you need to clean up afterwards.
General Acrylic sheet Bookcase strip & studs Carpet strips Case fittings Chair webbing Clear plastic tubing Clothes airer & posts Curtain rail fittings/acc Curtain tracking Flooring trim Fly mesh Furniture glides & pads Handrail & grab rails Legs Magnets Metal angle sections Metal fretwork Pest control Picture hooks & wire Pipe lagging Plastic angle sections Polythene sheeting & tarps Signs Sliding door gear Thermometers Trunking Wardrobe rail Worktop strip Electrical 110v leads 240v blue leads Adaptors Aerials Auto accessories Back boxes Batteries + chargers Blanking plates Bulbs Cable Cable clips Cable crimp terminals
Cable ties Earth clamps Extension cables & reels Extractor fans Fans Flex connectors Fluorescent tubes Fused spurs Fuses / fuse wire Grommets Halogen lamps Heaters Inspection lamps Junction boxes Lamp holders Led bulbs Led tubes Light switches Lighting Meters & testers Plastic  conduit Plugs Rcd plugs Site lights Smoke / co2 alarms Switch screws Switches Telephone accessories Terminal blocks Torch bulbs Torches Transformers Decorating Bitumen paint Cleaners / solvents Damp seal Emulsion paint Exterior paint Floor paint Graffiti remover Heat resistant paint Linemarking spray
Masonry paint Metal paint Paint stripper Spray  paint Varnish Waxes Wood dyes Wood hardener Wood preservers Woodstains Cleaning Air freshener Bowls Buckets Car cleaning Cleaners Clothes lines Clothes posts & props Cloths & scourers Decking cleaner Degreasers Descalers Disinfectant Drain unblockers Floor cleaners Glass cleaners Hand cleaner Hand wipes Jugs & funnels Mats Polishes Protector sprays Rubbish bags Rubbish bins Toilet roll Lubricants Cutting fluids Grease Oils Release sprays Silicone sprays
Wd40 Plumbing Braided connectors Compression fittings Copper pipe End feed fittings Guttering Plastic pipe Radiator & service keys Soil - pan connectors Soil pipe Solder ring fittings Taps Toilet seats etc Valves Washing machine fittings Waste pipe fittings Waste traps & outlets Timber Beading Conti board Dowel Planed timber Sheet timber Skirting board Thresholds / sills Building Concretes Epoxy mortars Plasters Rock salt Sand/cements Motor Accessories Anti-freeze De-icer Fuel cans Screen cleaner
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